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AddMe is a digital platform that allows you to design and share your visiting card digitally Anytime, Anywhere and to Anyone.

* Available on all Android devices
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What Makes AddMe Different?

Each and every function of AddMe is different in one or the other way from all the other apps.

Secure Data

Data share through AddMe is secured between you and the person you shared.

Fully Functional

It contains all operating functions required to design, share and View Digital Visiting Cards which every entrepreneur will look for


Using AddMe you can view and review how many cards you have shared and to whom.

Save Nature

Tons and tons of paper is shared in form of Visiting Card, which affects nature a lot, “So Let’s go digital and save nature”. AddMe promotes the concept of saving nature by going paperless.

Visiting Card sharing is made easy through AddMe

Many times we forget to carry our visiting card wherever we go. The solution of it is Digital Visiting Card which can be easily carried and shared Anytime, Anywhere and to Anyone you meet, It can a business networking meet, Exhibition, One to One meeting or any best possible place you use the visiting card by just QR code scanning or just asking the number you can share the Digital Visiting Card, So you don’t miss your prospective business.

How it works?

Install the app

Open Google Play Store > Search “AddMe” > Click on Install.

Setup your profile

Open AddMe App > click on ‘Register Now’ button ( If new use) or ‘Login’ (If already registered) and set your profile by filling your details as required in the form.

Start Sharing

Once you update your AddMe Digital Visiting Card is created successfully you are all set to share your card to Anytime, Anywhere and to Anyone.

Awesome Interface

Simple & User Friendly interface

AddMe app has a very simple and easy to use interface where you can easily create your Digital Visiting Card and share to Anytime, Anywhere and to Anyone.

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Download AddMe

AddMe is available for all Android Devices, you can just click on the below Google Play Store icon to download the app or Open Google Play Store > Search “AddMe” > Click on Install

* Available on all Android devices

Stay Tuned

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